The Siemens Employability Pathway

Pathway Plus & Siemens will help you to develop the skills you need to take part in work experience.

How It Works:

The Siemens Employability Pathway will be delivered with Siemens in Hull.

Pathway Plus and Siemens will help you to develop the skills you need to take part in work experience, where you will be able to try working in different roles.

By supporting you to become a reliable and hardworking young person, this pathway could lead to full time employment.

Step 1:

At Pathway Plus: You will learn new skills and receive help from an Employability Coach to take part in work experience alongside other students.

After one year at Pathway Plus you may join a Supported Internship programme at Siemens.

Step 2:

Supported internship: Most of your learning will take place at the Siemens wind turbine blade manufacturing facility as you learn to do a real job.

A Job Coach will support you with this and you will still get help with Life Skills and Social Skills.

Step 3:

After a successful Supported Internship, you could be offered employment.

You would be paid and have the same rights as everyone else at your place of work.

Support would still be available should you need it, and you could become a role model for younger students.