What We Do:

Pathway Plus helps young people learn the skills that let them do more for themselves.

We focus on and develop what our students can do and want to do. We provide a safe and caring learning space where students can discover what kind of future they want and help to make it possible.

The step from school to college, work or training is a big and challenging one. Pathway Plus is the helping hand taking young people from one place to the next, and being there when they need support.

Foundation Phase

Students who want to join during this phase of the programme are interested in preparing for work and support in a college environment, but need more intensive support to get there. We offer a 5 day a week timetable, covering quality sessions, including:

  • Employability and supported work experience
  • Occupational studies (in a college setting)
  • Life skills
  • English and Maths
  • Enterprise
  • Enrichment
  • Media

Our students are supported to prepare for adulthood. This phase is typically aimed at Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3 learners who are not quite ready for a full-time college programme. Our students are also supported to access the local community, independently travel and prepare for being in the work-place. Every student gets the opportunity to gain supported work experience at either the University of Hull or Siemens Gamesa, with a view to preparing for a transition towards a supported internship.

Supported Internship Phase

Students do not have to undertake the Foundation Phase to apply for a Supported Internship. Students on this phase get the opportunity to complete a one-year full-time Study Skills programme in high quality placements at either the University of Hull, Siemens Gamesa or Spencer Group.  The final goal is to become work-ready.

We have varied placements across these sites including:

  • Catering, Hospitality and Kitchen Porter
  • Retail
  • Administration
  • Cleaning
  • Engineering/factory work
  • Workwear
  • Reception
  • ICT

Students have the opportunity to undertake bespoke qualifications, whilst also furthering their English and Maths qualifications. Although the intern will be fairly confident and independent during this phase, two full-time staff are always on site to support the students as and when they require. These Employability Coaches support students to learn tasks, build social skills and communication, and develop life skills.

Our staff also work closely with the employers to improve their skills and knowledge of working with young people with Special Educational Needs and improve the accessibility in the workplace.

We can help with things like:

  • Using public transport
  • Independent living skills
  • Trying out types of work
  • Trying college or vocational training courses
  • Coping with new places and people